A crucible of molten bronze being poured in a ceramic mold

Fire Arts Center of Chicago

Artists of Chicago, unite. Here is a collection of links to a variety of art sources in Chicago. From artist’s groups (like the Fire Arts Center) to online art information. All of the links below open in a new window so when you’re done browsing be sure to stop back and sign up for classes at the Fire Arts Center of Chicago.

Art World Chicago

Art World Chicago is a valuable resource for Chicago artists of all makes and models. With links to over 300 artists viewable online, links to art classes in Chicago, supplies, and more this site will help you with your artworks from supply to demand.

Chicago Artists Resource

The Chicago Artists Resource presents a number of great articles which attack the issues with which artists grapple like finding studio space and that crazy little thing called inspiration. Real life stories from artists make this a great way to clear your head after a rough day of distributing slides...you really are not alone.

Evanston Art Center

The Evanston Art Center has been offering classes, contemporary art exhibitions, and education programs for children and seniors for over 75 years. All of this adds up to promote their mission of making contemporary art accessible to the general public.

Chicago Hot Glass

Chicago Hot Glass is another great place to warm up in the city. We at the Fire Arts Center of Chicago sure love our fire, but thanks to these guys, we are not alone in that respect. This group of fire-lovers share their glass-blowing craft with all those interested. They feature some great classes and events like the Third Monday Jazz Nights which incorporates some great jazz alongside glass blowing demos.

Lillstreet Art Center

The Lillstreet Art Center, like the Fire Arts Center, is a non-profit arts education center. They offer a long list of classes ranging from painting, pottery, and textiles. Having groups like Lillstreet helps to make Chicago a great place to be for any aspiring artist.