A crucible of molten bronze being poured in a ceramic mold

Fire Arts Center of Chicago

Students working with clay in a Figure sculpture class at the Fire Arts CenterHere at The Fire Arts Center, we see figure sculpture as essential to the understanding of the complexity of 3-dimensional form - as drawing is to the understanding of color, light and composition. The relationship between sculpting the figure and bronze casting is a long one, dating back to the first attempt to master the bronze casting process.

The figure program at The Fire Arts Center stresses mastery of the classical techniques of sculpting the humans form in clay and wax. Students are also given the choice of casting finished work in plaster, or firing them in their original terracotta clay.

Courses in figure study include:

Figure Study and Sculpture Workshop

Fire Arts Center figure sculpture student sculpting in clay


  • Sunday at and 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.


$200 for 8 weeks

In this multi-level class students will learn to master the classical figure sculpture technique from a live model. We will cover the use of clay tools, clay body chemistry, basic armature construction, anatomy, and clay hollowing and firing technique.

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